WebCT Upgrade

The University of Central Florida announces the new course management system for online courses:


Your online course may have a new look this semester!  There is a new version of WebCT that will now be called Webcourses@UCF.  Look for many new features—Who's Online, Chat/Whiteboard—improvements to regular tools, and a whole new user interface. 

Please note:  Not all online courses will be upgraded to the new version. You could experience one course in Webcourses@UCF (the new version) and one in WebCT CE4 (the old version). 

Access your online courses

The best way to access your courses, regardless of which version of WebCT your professor is using, is through the MyUCF Portal (https://my.ucf.edu). When you login to MyUCF, you will see a list of all online courses for which you are currently registered.  Clicking on one of the links will take you to the correct version for that course.


For assistance with tools in WebCT CE4, visit the orientation at http://learn.ucf.edu/orientation/index.html  

For assistance with tools in Webcourses@UCF , the orientation will be provided inside the course as “Student Orientation.”  You can also access interactive Flash tutorials at the MyUCF Portal (https://my.ucf.edu). 

  • Click on "Academic Resources" under the MyUCF Menu (on the top left corner).
  • Click the "Student WebCT Upgrade Resource" link.

You can find additional help on the UCF knowledge base, AskUCF (http://ask.ucf.edu). If you do not see an answer to your situation, please "Ask A Question" and the Techrangers will assist you.

Get Ready Now!!!

Before you begin using the updated version of your online course, make sure that you are using a supported browser and that your browser settings are correct. The best way to verify your computer is ready is to run the Browser Tune-up.  This site provides step-by-step instructions to properly configure your browser and will determine any missing components you will need to make your browser perform optimally throughout the semester. You may be asked to turn off your pop-up blocker to be able to take advantage of all the new features.


As we move forward with Webcourses@UCF,  the new features and capabilities it will provide will enhance your online learning experience.